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My name is Daria Stan, I am a certified trainer, with a bachelor degree in Communication and two European trainings on non-formal education. I use a learn throw experience teaching method that is proven to work best in adults, thus facilitating the access to information and creating the right bond in the group.

My vision...

I believe there are no bad people in the world, however there are bad relationships. I intent to change that. I'm helping people improve all relationships in their life by teaching easy, usable communication techniques.

Who am i talking to?

I am talking to you! You are the only real point of change there is. There is no better way of improving communities but improving individual's abilities and life satisfaction thus inspiring the community. Whoever you are the only improvement you can make is you. The movement in You! I intend to help you improve yourself throw better communication.




Communication is key to your success. Success depends on your ability to communicate in relationships, in the workplace, as a citizen of your country, and every step of your way throw life. This ability to communicate comes from experience, and experience is an effective teacher, but the packages I am presenting will offer you a different experience, that will change your perspective on the world we live in.

Positive Communication is based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, American psychologist and the creator of Nonviolent Communication, and he describes it as a communication process that helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully. Non-Violent communication focuses on three aspects of communication: self-empathy (defined as a deep and compassionate awareness of one's own inner experience), empathy (defined as listening to another with deep compassion), and honest self-expression (defined as expressing oneself authentically in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others).

In order to make all the information accessible, I am using a learn throw experience method, because information can be found everywhere nowadays, you read it, it sound nice and useful but just as easily you forget it, learning throw an created experience it's the best way to learn and handle the information.




I have graduated the University of Communication and Public Relations in 2010. And I have my trainer of trainers diploma since 2011.
Since then I've been training my-self in different aspects of training, coaching and communication.
I am using a learn through experience method of teaching, which has been proven to work better with adults than any other form of lecture or independent learning.
I am certified in Non-formal education, the prevention of school abandonment and project writing!

In my parenting trainings I'm following guidelines from Non-Violent Communication of phd. Marshall Rosenberg, Five Languages of Love of dr. Gary Champman, the Continuum Concept Jean Liedloff, Raising Cain of dr. Michael Thompson, Raising Children Raising ourselves by Naomi Aldort and Unnconditional Parenting by Alphie Kohn.
Using their ideology and their psychologically based studies together with the learn through experience method ensures parents will have a change of perception in all aspects of child raising!

In my business trainings I am mostly using the basics of Organizational Communication together with the "Words that work in Business" of phd. Marshall Rosenberg, that can assure both organizational and personal growth for all involved and a deeper understanding of the inner works and needs of any Company. A company in my opinion is a living organism closely related to the people working in it but still independent of them.
I have been training NGOs and small companies and their employees since 2011 and had visible results in the staff fidelity and their connection to the organization.

I am passionate about my work and I trully bealive communication is the key to a successful life! It's just that in the age of digital when all communication is virtual, and on-speed, we need to learn new ways to stay connected to our truth and our humanity without overlooking the advantages of the modern world we live in!

Lectures are out-dated! Reading takes to long today, but an positive experience has the power to change lifes!

What other's say about me:

"I've met Daria Stan during organizing the 5th edition of the International Romani Art Festival in Cluj Napoca, and I can say that she is one of the most competent trainer I had the pleasure to work with. She is well aware of her abilities and knows to use them at the right time and with the intended effect.

She is also a great lider and a team-mate both at the same. She can get the best from the resources given. She has the ability to look at a project from a global perspective. She is a fair person, an example worth following and she knows how to support her ideas without imposing them, but by giving alternatives and solid arguments. She has courage, she is always fresh and she has the capacity to get involved in long projects.
I recomend Daria Stan for every project she gets involved in as I have the certainty she won't dissapoint.
Voichitescu Adrian Festival Director at IRAF
"I had the opportunity to meet Daria Stan as a mother first. And then, as she started to be more active in our local mommies’ community, I was really happy to discover her as an event organizer. She created events that were so full of energy and empathy. She knew how to focus on the real needs of all the participants. Her events were always a pleasure. By the end, just the fact that I knew she was organizing something made me arrange my schedule so that I could attend She is very careful with every participant (the most activities I attended that were organized by her involved parents and children), she has lots of empathy and I believe that was one of the most important things in creating a safe and light environment for the participants I’m really sad she's leaving but I know she wouldn't be if this wouldn’t have beet the best choice for her family So I really hope that she will find a great space where she moves and a great community. Because her abilities can become very valuable if put into action."
Mihaela Bat Mother


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Positive communication training - basics

We are all looking to improve our personal skills that might help us have quality relationships, or help us reach personal empowerment, or simply help us communicate better.
Peaceful Communication brings a completely new approach to communication. It reaches beyond the surface and helps to see what is alive in us, and what is alive in others interacting with us. Peaceful Communication offers a wide new vocabulary of feelings and needs that help us express what drive us. We are all driven by our feelings and needs. It shouldn't be this hard to ask please!
Join this training to find more about the simple communication technique that has already changed lifes all over the world!

Positive communication in Business

A fully custom tailored training for the need of your business! The training Positive Communication in Business purpose is to develop the skills and abilities of positive communication that are specific for a Organisational structure. The training will achieve this by creating a sense of community inside the organisation, a sense of belonging, by connecting to the values and mission of the company, while upgrading individual’s personal communication skills.
Just to list some of the ways your organisation will benefit from choosing this training: Improve teamwork efficiency and morale; Increase meeting productivity; Maximise the quality of your services; Strengthen employee loyalty and morale; Resolve workplace conflicts quickly and efficiently; Reduce office stress; Maximise employees potential; Hear and address customer’s need more efficiently, and so much more others.

Contact me for full offer!

Positive Communication in Parenting Support Group

I am a parent too, so I know how difficult it can be to communicate with a little person whos favourite word in the whole dictionary is "NO". Or how hard it can be to rationalize the need of a coat in winter. What this training offers is a new way of approaching your little one. Because as calm as you try to be parrenting will always get the wildest reactions, from you, the kids reactions are always normal. I can help you learn a way of communicating that your kid can understand, learn how to speak their language, how to connect and how to understand their needs and feelings. Education is not a one way procces, we have to learn from our children and what they are best at is communicating their needs and feelings.

Empowering Motherhood

A training that is meant to help mother's redefine themselves in the new role that is Motherhood! It's a training that will approach 3 steps to empowerment: 1 Gratitude! 2. Self-empathy and 3. Requesting Help.

The training is 4 hours long.

Spots are very limited(4 mommies per training to ensure intimacy) so book yours as soon as possible!

Understanding Your Needs and Feelings

Do you have a hard time expressing needs and feelings?
Do not worry! Most of us have been down that road! Our social programing and our everyday vocabulary sustains a incapacity to freely express needs and feelings!
My inner communication exercises include techniques from Non-Violent Communication and Neuro-Lingvistic Programing to help you use a language that supports your needs getting met.
Most of us only have a hard time expressing negative feelings, and that is because negative feelings are just a bodly sensation of an unmet need, and the truth is that it is hard to admit our needs! It's hard to ask for help to get a need met without feeling guilty!
This program can help you see that the needs are universal! Everybody has them! And it is natural to ask for help for needs that require others to get met: connection needs, affection, cooperation...and so on!

Do not hesitate and contact me!

Positive Communication for Couples

Do you feel like you relationship is not what it used to be?
Do you feel less loved? Or less appreciated? Do you feel like you need to communicate more with your partner?
Join this training and get reconnected.
This training's objective is to bridge your connection and to have you reconnect at a deeper level.
At the end of the training you will receive the 1 Year "Date me!" challenge...that is meant to get this training into actual practice!
Join now!
Learn to speak Love!

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