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I'm Daria Stan, and about four years ago, I embarked on a magical journey of spirituality and self-love that has led me to this amazing space. Here, you'll discover my personal musings, heartfelt gifts, and empowering coaching opportunities, all crafted with the utmost love and care. These treasures are designed to light your path of self-exploration, nurture your heart, and guide you back to the radiant essence of your true self. It's an absolute joy to share this journey with you.

Soul Surprises

Unwrap the Magic...

 Free PDF Gifts for Your Journey

 These PDF treasures are a small taste of the wisdom and self-love that await you within this digital sanctuary. From insightful e-books to dreamy journal pages, each download is a key to unlock the potential within your heart, mind, and soul.

Happy downloading! 

Guided Meditations for Inner Magic

Step into the realm of serene meditative journeys with these grounding, relaxing, and empowering meditations. These meditations are designed to help you unwind, and awaken your inner power.

Happy meditating!

Explore The Growing Course Library

Welcome to the ever-growing library of recorded courses. These offerings are lovingly crafted to empower your heart, mind, and soul. With each new addition, this digital sanctuary becomes an even richer tapestry of wisdom and self-love. 

Happy Learning!

Monthly Magic: Join The Free Workshops

Join me Monthly for the amazing free workshops. These live sessions are meant to empower your journey towards authenticity. Grab your tea, and embark on the adventure of self-love and inner wisdom.

Let the Journey begin!

Unlock the Magic of Transformation: 

Dive into The Experiential Gifts

Welcome to the Spiritual Gift Shop, a space dedicated to the art of giving experiential gifts. In a world filled with physical objects, here you find the opportunity to gift transformation, growth, and personal development. Choose the magic of inner exploration, and empower yourself and your loved ones. Give the gift of transformation, not just objects!

Give Yourself the Gift of Constant Growth and Personal Evolution

Surprise Yourself and Loved Ones with

Human Design Readings

Treat Yourself and Loved Ones to Intuitive Wisdom and Life Guidance

 Satisfaction Guarantee

At Daria Stan - Spiritual Giftshop, your satisfaction, growth, and transformation are my top priorities. I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional services and experiences tailored to your needs. My commitment to your well-being is unwavering. For details on my satisfaction guarantee and refund policies, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page. Your journey with me is crafted with care, ensuring you find the transformation you seek.

Grateful for...

Real people.

Real stories.

Jessica Mendes/Portugal

Twin Flame Coach

Daria is such a light to work with. Fun, honest, direct, gets to the point and really helped me understand about my human design type. I felt I learned more about who I am and everything aligned perfectly. I recommend her to my clients all the time that want to better understand themselves.

Marieke Kramer-Rosie/Netherlands

Natural Success Coach

Absolutely love working with Daria. I am a coach and I consult with Daria regularly on the clients I work with. Her insights and ability to pinpoint where energy works or gets stuck from an Human Design perspective is magnificent and has helped me serve my clients even better and faster.

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