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Unlock the rhythms of life's grand design, 

With Tarot's guidance and cycles that align.

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The Gift Of Forecasting with Human Design Lifecycles

Delve into the mystical world of Life Cycles and Human Design Tarot Readings

Discover the ever-turning wheel of your life's cycles and the timeless wisdom of the Tarot. 

Embrace these unique insights and let them guide your journey to self-discovery and transformation.

Give Yourself or a Loved one the Gift of Intuitive Guidance

Unlock Alignment: Experience the magic of knowing what possibilities await you and align your actions with the course of life that's meant for you

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  • Kiron Return Forecast
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Individual Human Design Reading

Take a glimpse into next Year's Posibilities...

A Solar Return Reading provides you with a magical glimpse into the year ahead, illuminating the opportunities and challenges that await you on your life journey.

This mystical offering is a profound gift to help you align with your highest potential, embrace your unique path, and make the most of your upcoming year.

Explore the power of your solar return and open the door to a year filled with transformation, growth, and self-discovery.

Individual Human Design Reading

Reading Overview

Unlock Your Solar Potential: Discover the unique opportunities and challenges that your solar return year holds, offering insights into your personal growth.

Harmonize Your Path: Gain clarity on how to align with the powerful forces at play during your solar return, guiding you toward a year of harmony and fulfillment.

Embrace Transformations: Explore the collective trends and lessons that will shape your journey during this transformative year, giving you an advantage in making conscious choices.

Timing for Transformation: We recommend having your Solar Return Reading 2-3 months before your birthday to make the most of the insights and prepare for the year ahead.

 Who said that Birthday Gifts should only come on your Birthday?

What better way to anticipate your birthday and start aligning yourself to your next best year. Schedule your Solar Return Reading today!

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What my customers say...


I can recommend Daria because when Daria did the Life Cycle Reading I was stunned. Stunned about the clear explanation and also because of what my life theme (and also in Chiron return) is.
Daria gave clear tips on how I can think about these themes in advance and sort of prepare myself. It was very helpful and clear!


I had a solar return reading with Daria a few months before my birthday to prepare myself for the energies for the upcoming year, and I am so glad I did. Daria is great at breaking down human design so it’s easily digestible, but gives you all the information you need to be aware of. I now know the types of people I will come across in the upcoming year, those that will be more personal, those that I’ll observe the energy in, and quite a bit more. 

I took the information I had learnt and looked at the current year and I could see how the energies had played out that year. I feel Daria’s reading didn’t just give me information it also helped educate me a little more. I think she’s amazing at what she does.

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