Your Cosmic Signature

Human Design Readings to

Gift Yourself or Your Loved Ones

Gifts from the stars, a cosmic design, 

For yourself or a loved one, truly divine.

Human Design insights, a treasure to find.

The Gift Of Personalized Human Design Readings

Human Design is a mystical map of the planets imprinted upon your being, a gift of self-discovery.

It blends astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and quantum physics to reveal your energetic DNA—the essence of your soul's journey. 

With incredible precision, it deciphers your unique design and cosmic purpose, opening doors to understanding your true self.

Give Yourself or a Loved one the Gift of Self-Discovery

Unique Cosmic Insight: Delve into the recipient's cosmic blueprint, offering them a one-of-a-kind experience of self-discovery. It's a personal gift that acknowledges their individuality.

Empowering Self-Awareness: A Human Design Reading serves as a compass, guiding the recipient on their life journey with newfound self-awareness and clarity.

Unveiling Potential: By gifting a Human Design Reading, you're empowering your loved ones to unlock their full potential, fostering personal growth, and a deeper connection with themselves.

Timeless Wisdom: The wisdom of Human Design is a gift that keeps on giving. It's a timeless treasure that continues to provide insights, guidance, and inspiration for years to come.

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  • Relationship HD Reading
  • Child HD Reading
  • Family HD Reading
Individual Human Design Reading

Unveiling Your Unique Blueprint

Delight in the gift of self-discovery with a personalized Individual Human Design Reading. This profound journey reveals the unique blueprint of your true self, illuminating your inner purpose and unlocking your hidden potential. It's a treasure that you can offer to yourself or to a cherished loved one. Embrace the magic of understanding who you truly are and the path that awaits you.

Discover how a Human Design reading can help you integrate all these separate elements into one single, meaningful story – your life, your experiences, and the personal connections that have shaped you. 

Individual Human Design Reading

Reading Overview

Unlock Your Type: Discover how you best make decisions and interact with others

Master Your Strategy and Authority: Learn to trust your own inner guidance instead of other people's.

Optimize Your Defined Centers: Learn how to efficiently use your natural energy and express yourself authentically in different aspects of life.

Embrace Undefined/Open Centers: Understand why amplifying and absorbing the energy of the people and environment around you brings both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Unveil Your Profile: Explore how people see and interact with you, how you function and learn, and what your life's work, strengths, and challenges are.

Gift the magic of self-discovery to a friend today.

 Purchase an Individual Human Design Reading and offer them a unique journey towards understanding their true self and purpose. It's a thoughtful gift that can illuminate their path and empower their life.

 Choose your preferred Individual Reading below and begin your path to self-discovery. 

Your adventure awaits!

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Human Design can take years to understand and with Daria's help I have learned so much in the last two months that would have probably take me a year to do!


My reading was very thorough and insightful and Daria explained everything really well. Learned some really interesting things about myself which I now use in my day to day life as strengths. Would recommend for anyone who is thinking about having a reading.


Daria is a natural teacher as she was able to explain to me my HD chart and how I relate to others and to myself as well.

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